Pre-Ceremony Candids Gallery

Exciting, fun, romantic moments - forever recorded in beautiful photographs.

Bride and bridesmaids doing their hair
Applying coral lipstick
Bride dancing with a friend
Beautiful bride standing on backyard patio
Beautiful bride standing on backyard patio
Bride putting on earrings in mirror
Bride and bridesmaids exiting dressing room
Bride standing in front of fountain
Bride posing on staircase
Groom standing outside wedding venue
Groom smiling with two groomsmen
Smiling bride sitting on bed
Bride opening curtains
Bride and groom holding champagne glasses
Fisheye view of bride and groom walking in New York City
Groom and groomsmen standing in New York City street
Smiling circle of friends looking down into camera
Flower girl with curled hair wearing flower wreath
Black and white photo of two flower girls standing in doorway
Two flower girls standing in doorway
Groom and groomsmen walking down New York City street
Bride and groom standing next to hotdog cart
Groom and friends at bar
Bride and wedding guests doing yoga